Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You are hacked?

There are a number of signs that can indicate that your Facebook account has been hacked. You might notice Status updates that you didn’t post or receive replies to Facebook messages you didn’t send. That might mean that your account has been hacked. Immediately change your password and make sure you’re using the advanced security settings.
A certain indication that your account has been hacked is not being able to log in. This happens when the scammer who hacked your account changes your password. You can’t change it back because you no longer know what it is. Some scammers will even reset personal information so you can’t verify who you are.
The Facebook team is dedicated to helping you protect your account. Facebook has built systems that look for and block suspicious activity, phony posts, and messages. Facebook also has a well-defined process if your account is stolen to help you shut down the scammer and recover your own account.
If  your account is compromised, go to and ask Facebook to secure your account.
As soon as you report this, Facebook locks your account. While you can’t use it yet, the scammer can’t access it either. Facebook will then ask you to complete security check to unlock your account.
Facebook makes this pretty simple so follow their four-step process to reclaim your account.
Once you’ve recovered your account, be sure to set up advanced security features to add an extra layer of security to your account. In particular, be sure to enable secure browsing (https) and set login notifications so Facebook will let you know immediately when your account is accessed. 

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