Monday, November 14, 2011

Yahoo Massinger tricks

Hello, here is some Yahoo! Messenger tricks:

Invisible users:

If you want to find someone who’s hiding from you? You can easily do that by going to Yahoo! Invisible Checker. All you need to do is type in the Yahoo! ID and the particular users status will be revealed.

Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo! Messenger on same system:

Some of you might have more than one Yahoo! ID and would like to log in simultaneously. There is an easy way to do it without installing any sort of software. You just have to edit the registry and there you go. Follow the instructions here.

Invisible nickname on chat rooms:

Go to edit profile and in the nick name type a (space character) on it just press Alt 0160 ( or ALT+255 ) and save it.
Now go to any Yahoo! chat room and you’ll notice that your nick name is empty. [Alt+0160 is a keyboard shortcut for space]

Removing Ads from your Yahoo! Messenger:

If you are using Yahoo! Messenger 8.0, then you can disable ads:First close the Yahoo! Messenger.Save this .bat file and execute it. (Note: You won’t be able to enter the chat rooms if you use this patch.) This above fix doesn’t work for Yahoo! Messenger 9 Beta. Here’s a way to disable the ads in Yahoo! Messenger 9: Make sure the Yahoo! Messenger isn’t running, if it is, just close it. Now backup the following file C:\ProgramFiles\Yahoo!\Messenger\Yahoo!Messenger.exe (create a new copy)
Download HxD hex editor. Open C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Yahoo!Messenger.exe in the hex editor. Now go to the offset 295928 (in HxD) and look at the right column, replace ''y'' from “y.m.s.g.r.a.d.s” with ''p''. Save the file and close HxD. This approach breaks Yahoo! Messenger’s terms of service.

Yahoo! Smiley Codes:

You can make use of all smileys including hidden ones in your messenger by using YEmotePLUS plugin. Change the Yahoo! Messenger Title Bar:You can change the text that appears at the very top of the Yahoo! messenger window by editing the ymsgr.ini file.
Go to Program Files\Yahoo!\ and open ymsgr.ini.Then at the end, type this:

caption=''your text''

Change ''your text'' to whatever you want it to say. Then save the file and close messenger. When you restart messenger you will see your new message.Creating Custom Profiles for Chat:You can create custom profiles with different name, sex and other details from Yahoo! Create/Edit Profiles. You can use these for chat services only.


Hope it helped.

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