Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tricks for google search

Hello, nowi have some great tricks for Google. If you didn't know you can use google for lots of things. Here there are:

Google Calculator:
Google search can be used as a calculator. It can calculate anything from the simplest math to the most complex stuf. What you need to do? Enter the math in the search box and hit enter. You can use the following functions:
+ - Add
- - Subtract
* - Multiply
/ - Divide
^ - To the Power Of
sqrt - Square Root of a Number

Dictionary Definitions:
You can define any word by entering “define:” following the word. Google will display a list of dictionary definitions for that word.

Search for a Specific Title:
Suppose you came across a great article which you really liked but unfortunately forgot to bookmark it. You can find it easily with the help of Google provided you know the title of the article. You can do it easil. Let’s say you read an article “ a woman is attacked by her husband” then you can search for it by typing “intitle: a woman is attacked by her husband ”

Google Converter:
Using this you can convert units like millimeter into inches, kilometers into miles, liters into ml, etc. You can do so by typing ‘60km in miles’ for converting km in to miles, ‘6litres in ml’ for converting litres into ml, and so on.

Google Currency Converter:
Google’s search has an inbuilt currency converter. It allows you to perform any currency conversion. All you need to do is just enter the conversion you’d like done into the Google search box and hit “Enter” or click the Google Search button. For instance: “1 USD in KN”

Weather Updates:
You can easily know the weather condition of a specific place. In order to find out, just enter the place name followed by “weather”. For ex: “New York weather”

Search on a Particular File Types:
There are various kinds of files available over the net. Searching for a specific file type isn’t really easy. Whit this you coould search specific file type. Per example, if you want to search for a guide, let’s say a ‘Selling the graphic cards’ in ppt format. You can make use of the “filetype:” function. So in order to search for the PPT version of the guide you can enter in search bar ‘Selling the graphic cards:ppt’

Search on a Particular Website:
If you want to search for something from a particular site using Google search then you can do it easily by typing in “site:” feature. Here’s how that work: for example you want to search for some video on youtube. You can do so by typing ''videoname:www.youtube.com''“

Get the Local Time anywhere:
Wanna know what time is it in New York now? You can find it by typing “what time is it New York” in the search bar. You can also enter “time (location)” without the quotes.

Remove Unwanted Search Results:
Suppose you wanted to search a Harry potter book review but you ended up in getting reviews of the movie rather than the book. Well in this case you can make Google to exclude the movie results from the search. You can do so by adding “-movie” at the end of the term. For instance: “Harry potter Chamber of secrets -movie” This will give search results excluding the movie- The chamber of secrets.

Search for URL's:
You can even search for URLs in Google search.For instance: “Women_talk_three_times_as_much_as_men”. You can also use “.” “-” instead of “_“. The search will bring up results with the URLs containing the above words entered.

Track Flight Status:
You can also track a particular flight status. All you need to do is just enter the airline and flight number into the search box and hit enter. You’ll get the arrival and departure time of the flight right inside Google’s search results.

Search Google Groups by the Subject Line:
You need to be in the google groups search page before attempting this query; otherwise it might not work correctly. Using the “insubject:” function you can search google groups by the subject line. For instance “insubject:windows xp fast shutdown”

Find Related Sites:
Suppose you find an interesting website and you would like to find some other alternative to this site then you can do so by using “related:” function. For instance if you want to search an alternative for google.com you can do so by entering “related:www.google.com”

Find Links to a Specific URL:
You can find the webpages which have a link to a specific URL using the “link:” function. This is really great and it will help you if you own a website, you can easily find out the pages linking to a page in your site. To use it, you need to enter the whole URL after “link:”
For instance “link:http://www.cnn.com”.