Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Protect your account

Always Use a good password and keep that on your mind. Not only for facebook but for all internet sing ups. Creating a good password is fairly simple. You want it to be complex enough that it can’t be guessed, yet meaningful enough that you can actually remember it.
What is a good password?

First of all:
Don’t use it for ALL your accounts! Don’t share it with friends! Change it regularly! Consider storing it in a password tool!
A good password has at least eight characters, one or more numbers, at least one special character and at least one upcase letter. Use non-words but associate them with a word. Or go for something humorous you can remember. Per excample the best paswor would be something like '' ibNz#$jkF478LM_) '' but it is hard to remember. You must think for yourself and think out something. And always be sure to add a security question and your mobile phone number in the account settings of your Facebook account.

Log out

Log out of Facebook when you’re not using it is a simple and effective way to protect your account. Many people think that if they close the web page or exit the browser that also logs them out of Facebook. It doesn’t. The next person who goes to on that computer will find themselves already logged in—to your account. Logging out is crucial when you’re accessing Facebook away from home. But it’s also important at home if you share a computer. And remember, if you forget to log out of an active session, you can always remotely close that session from the account security section of the account settings page.

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