Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to change your folders background

Step 1: Have the Folder you want to put the background on open!
Step 2: Open up Notepad, then simply paste in this code:

iconarea_image=***Picture Location Here!***\***Name of File!***

Step 3: Go to ur picture (the picture you want to use!) and right click and select
properties and find the file location for example lets say my file is in "my hardrive" it would be located at "C:\\" understand? copy the location!
Step 4: Now go back to ur text document (notepad) and where it says ***Picture Location Here!*** paste the location...u copied in the previus step!
Step 5: Now after u've done that where it says ***Name of File!*** type the name of the file including the .jpg .bmp .bip. jpeg etc

Step 6: Save the text document as "desktop.ini" be sure to remember the .ini
extension! click Save as "All Files" not "Text Document" and save the document in the folder where u want the background to be!

Now just close the folder and open it again it should show the picture as a background! 


  1. why u dont put video tutorials?
    i did every thing and did not work

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