Tuesday, November 15, 2011

How to access C drive when is blocked


Today I am going to  show you  how to access a C drive on the computer when is blocked. Lot of schools have blocked C DRIVE from hacking attempts to the school systems/server. There are a few ways to access the drive. CMD, Firefox or Google Chrome etc. Can help you very much. Follow all your local laws. Read their Legal. And DON'T delete any sistem files from any computers!

Firefox/Google Chrome

Open Firefox or Google Chrome and type the following in the URL;


This will not allow you to open the files, but download them. In other words, you need the whole folder to work a .exe file (Unless it is a self ran .EXE or a text file)

This method is useful for trying to search a file and open the file with CMD.

Command Prompt (CMD)

Windows Vista And Any Older Versions: You can read my guide here

Windows Installed

After that your done.

This may not work at your school. They might of blocked notepad. First of all look for CMD in the search bar in start and see if it is unblocked. Or go to 'C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe' or goe to My Computer and press
'Control+F' if not try and use these commands in notepad to access CMD.

First off all, open notepad via Go to start-All Programs-Accessories-notepad

Open it;

type in
Save as command.bat
and set it as All Programs And Files. And make sure you save it on your desktop.

Then just open command.bat Devlish

or you can do this.
@echo off
This should be all. Pirate

Windows 7: Read the above but instead of "command.com" put in the following;

Quote:@echo off
title CMD
set /p a=%cd%^>
goto :1

To browse through the C Drive, type in the following;


And if you want to open a file, type in the following for the example;

Quote:start C:\Windows\cmd.exe

Bypassing Administrator Password (Kon-Boot)

Bypassing Administrator Password: Only Windows XP

You will need a LAN cored for this Bypass. If your school/work is connected to wireless. You can not do this.

When you are connected to a network. You can access full Administrator rights by doing the following steps;

1. Reboot system.

2. Find where the LAN/Local cored is located.

3. Login, when it says "Applying User Settings" take out the LAN cored as quickly as you can.

4. Wait till it logs in, when you are on your desktop. Put the LAN cored back in to access the Internet.

Keylogging And Social Engineering

It not requires a techy knowledge to instigate, but the more you have, the better. For example, leave a USB stick beside the teacher's computer in the computer-room/library/classroom, with an Autorun keylogger. Tell the teacher that the USB is yours. She/He should plug it into their PC and prove it is yours.

There are many ways to access the School/Work Place System to gain control to the C:\ Drive.


Hope it help,

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