Saturday, November 12, 2011

Facebook hack: keylogger detailed

Hello people: In this tutorial I will explain you what is a keylogger in a very detailed way. So lets begin.Keyloggers can be classified into two main types:
1. Hardware Keylogger
2. Software Keylogger
1. A hardware keylogger is also used for keystroke logging, a hardware keylogger is plugged between the keyboard plugand the USB or PS/2 port socket, and they work with PS/2keyboardsand also usb keyboards

A hardware keylogger is just like a normal USB drive or any other computer peripheral so that the victims can never doubt that it is a keylogger. Hardware keylogger has any inbuilt memory which stores the typed keystrokes.
But i think you will use software keylogger because it can be found free and i don't know anyone who use hardware keylogger. Ant the most inportant thing, you must have acces to victim computer to set up a software keylogger
2.  So here our story begin. The software keylogger can be classified in two types local keylogger and remote keylogger.
Local Keyloggers are used to monitor local computers (May be your own Pc), they are very easy to install and are completely undetectable and it’s really hard to figure out once a keylogger is installed on a computer because usually keyloggers hide themselves from
taskmanager, Windows Registry etc. Whenever you want to see logs, screenshots etc you just need to press a hotkey which (ex.
Shift+Ctrl+F10). There are hundreds of keyloggers available now days.
Remote keyloggers are used for the purpose of monitoring a remote pc, Once a remote keylogger is installed on your computer the
attacker can get your keystrokes, your webcam shots, chat logs etc
sitting in any part of the world. You can find tons of Remote keyloggers on web but lots of them are either not capable of properly recording keystrokes or they have a high antivirus detection rate, With my experience of hacking I have tested over 50 different and I thing the best is ardamax. I don't know maybe you will find some better and simpler. Now if you dont know i will explain you how some keylogger works. In your computer you install some keylogger witch is detected like a virus by some antivirus. Thats why you must turn of antivirus before you instal this. Now when is instaled you run it, and a new window pop up. Here you enter where it will upload informations, everything what is typed in keyboard, screnshots and so one. I recomend FTP, the database on internet where you have your storage. Later when the set up is over you get the .exe file. This file  you put in some other computer and it record everything wha the victim type in there. And that's it now you just have to wait that the victim type in what you want( facebook password and email)

Here is a video tutorial about how to set up ardamax keylogger:

Additionally: Binders
A binder is small piece software used to bind or combine to or more files under one name and extension. As some of you might know that most of viruses come with .exe extension so the victim can get suspicious and is less likely to run the file. With binders you can easily bind a file
with .exe extension with other extensions such as .mp3, .bat, .jpeg.
One popular Binder is: Easy Binder
Download here:
(you need to fill up a survey to download file, it's nothing dont worry )
Easy Binder v.

Hope it helped,

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